Welcome to Modus Softwashing. We provide Softwashing services from our base in Lichfield to residential and commercial customers throughout Staffordshire.

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We provide Softwashing services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.


Staffordshire Softwashing Services

Softwashing is the process of cleaning external hard surfaces to remove organic growth using cleaning solutions applied under low pressure instead of using potentially damaging high pressure or jet washing. It can be used equally on commercial or residential property, the process and theory are exactly the same.

Each surface to be cleaned will be individually assessed to determine the amount and type of biological growth that is present. A personalised batch of cleaning solution will then be created and applied to the surface. This can simply be sprayed on or sometimes a soft bristled brush is used to agitate the solution into the surface which will assist the cleaning process. This will be left to work, killing all biological contaminants. The surface will then be rinsed with clean water if required.

Softwashing Company Lichfield, Staffordshire

Is Your Building Render in Need of a Clean?

If not treated on a regular basis, the render on your building can start to look dirty and faded over time. The UK climate has a lot to do with this and because of the wet and warm summer months, render and K-rend will begin to attract algae, moss and lichens as well as atmospheric pollutants. The render on your building will start to look old, grey, discoloured and unsightly. Our Softwash solutions are here to stop that from happening.

At Modus Softwashing, we have a skilled team of Softwashing specialists, ready to come to your property and give it a deep-clean. They will completely remove all organic matter from your building render and make it look almost new again. Replacing your render can be very costly and in most cases is completely unnecessary. Get in touch with us today on 01543 304 549 and speak to our Softwashing experts.

Is Your Driveway or Patio Looking Dirty?

Patios and driveways will become slippery and dangerous to walk on over time if not kept in good condition. Your patio or driveway will over time, start to become discoloured and stained with moss, weeds, lichen and algae. At Modus Softwashing we are able to clean your exterior hard surfaces and treat them so that your patios and driveways stay cleaner for longer, saving you money in the long run.

We are a professional Softwashing company operating in the Staffordshire area. We have built up a wealth of knowledge in the industry and our Softwashing team have many years experience behind them in cleaning exterior hard surfaces for both residential and commercial customers in Lichfield and throughout Staffordshire and the wider area.

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CALL TODAY ON 01543 304 549

Find out more about our softwashing services.

We provide softwashing services to both residential & commercial customers in Lichfield and throughout Staffordshire.