Modus Softwashing provide driveway cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.

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We provide driveway cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.


Driveway Cleaners Lichfield & Staffordshire

The majority of driveways in the UK are constructed from block paving and these can also be cleaned using the softwashing method. This method is sometimes preferred over pressure washing as this can sometimes damage the surface of the blocks and make recolonisation of the surface by micro-organisms occur much faster in the future.

To prepare your block paved drive for cleaning we would remove any loose debris or detritus on the surface and physically scrape the joints to clear them of any moss. The surface will then be given an application of one of our softwash solutions and agitated into the surface so it can get to work. After cleaning this will be rinsed from the surface with clean water or left to dwell in-situ which will carry on cleaning over the coming weeks.

Driveway Cleaning Lichfield, Staffordshire

How we clean driveways

Using the softwashing method has benefits over pressure washing which include sand being kept in the joints, less likelihood of weeds surging back as happens when a drive is pressure washed, less surface damage, is better value for our customers as the process is shorter so we can charge less per meter to clean, use much less water which is better for the environment and is a quicker process so that the drive is out of action for less time. For heavily contaminated or neglected drives though we may still recommend that it is pressure washed first and a softwash solution is applied post pressure washing to carry on cleaning the surface and help to remove any lingering lichen spots which pressure washing can struggle to fully remove.

Modus Softwashing can also clean tarmac drives which have been taken over by moss and also resin bound and concrete drives which have become dirty and discoloured with organic matter over time.

Many of our customers choose us to clean their drive prior to putting the house on the market. We can give improve a properties curb appeal and therefore increase the likelihood of a sale.

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We provide driveway cleaning services to both residential & commercial customers in Lichfield and Staffordshire.