Modus Softwashing provide render cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Stafford and Staffordshire.

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We provide render cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Stafford and Staffordshire.


Render Cleaners Stafford & Staffordshire

Modus Softwashing specialise in render cleaning in Stafford for commercial and residential customers. We us a state-of-the-art render cleaning system which has been tried and tested and give fantastic render cleaning results every time.

We have expert knowledge and a huge amount of experience in the cleaning of building render. Our staff are fully qualified in the use of any cleaning equipment they use and are fully insured to carry out any render cleaning work.

Our professional team of render cleaners in Stafford surpass the standard level of cleaning and are never happy until they have provided only the highest quality of service to our customers.

Building render becomes discoloured over time and this is usually due to the UK weather conditions, especially throughout the winter months. Moss, Algae, Lichen and other forms of organic matter and atmospheric pollutants build up across your rendered surfaces and this causes your property to become an eyesore over time.

Render Cleaning Stafford, Staffordshire

Render cleaning experts

We are able to clean all types of render including StoRend, Parex, K Rend, Weber, Wetherby and Monocouche. Render is applied to external walls to give a finished, smooth, textured surface, and looks great when first applied. To keep that newly rendered finish, regular cleaning should be undertaken. This is where Modus Softwashing can help. We not only clean your building and walls for you, we also apply a treatment that will protect your rendered surfaces from the elements for some time to come and it will keep on cleaning well after we have gone.

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We provide render cleaning services to both residential & commercial customers in Stafford and Staffordshire.