Modus Softwashing provide render cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.

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We provide render cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.


Render Cleaners Lichfield & Staffordshire

Render cleaning forms the backbone of the projects that Modus Softwashing carries out and we have carried out many successful render cleans for our customers.

Render, when new, can give a property an amazing, clean appearance. But sadly, over time this rendered finish can become contaminated with green algae, red algae, black fungus, moss, mould and lichens. This can make the outside of your home or business premises look dirty and uncared for.

We can treat many different types of render from K-Rend, which is a very popular coloured silicone-based render, cement based render, polymer render, acrylic render, Monocouche render and of course lime render amongst others.

Render Cleaning Lichfield, Staffordshire

How we clean render

We always carry out render cleaning from the base of the wall to the top. This is to ensure that as much of the softwash cleaning solution sticks to the rendered wall as possible and to give the solution more dwell time against the rendered surface.

The softwash solution will either be a sodium hypochlorite based cleaner or a biocidal wash, both combined with surfactants which attach to the dirt and contaminates and help the softwash solution to remove them. The type and extent of organic contamination will determine which softwash solution is chosen as well as the strength of the solution. We always start with a lower concentration and work upwards until the contamination is removed.

The mix is either sprayed or brushed into the surface and experience will tell us which is the most suitable method to use.

Render cleaning results

Results in most cases will be seen on the same day but occasionally the biocidal wash can take some time to work as Mother Nature has to do her work. We will advise you beforehand if this is will be the case.

We always look after your plants and lawns by thoroughly watering these areas before and cleaning and after cleaning. If requested we will also cover any particularly delicate plants to protect them from any accidental drift although this isn’t often required.

After cleaning you can once again be proud of the outside of your property and not worry about what your neighbours or customers may think.

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We provide render cleaning services to both residential & commercial customers in Lichfield and Staffordshire.