Modus Softwashing provide stone cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.

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We provide stone cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lichfield and Staffordshire.


Stone Cleaners Lichfield & Staffordshire

Stone has always been a very popular choice of building material and is used in a variety of different ways. Sandstone paving and limestone paving are used in a lot of patios and have a lovely appearance. Natural stone is also used in the construction of walls especially in the north of the country and stone can also be used as a coping material for the tops of walls, as window ledges and sills, as window and door hoods, as stone banding around buildings; especially on newer properties and as stone quoins found on the corners of buildings.

These building elements, although looking great when they are new can quickly become blackened with organic contaminants which present themselves as dark streaks and patches on the surface. This is most likely a type of black fungus and can severely detract from the intended look.

Stone Cleaning Lichfield, Staffordshire

How we clean stone

To clean these stone elements a strong softwash solution will be applied to the surface and scrubbed in and left to dwell to get to work. A repeat application is often required to achieve the results we are after. In some cases we would recommend that a high temperature steam cleaning method such as DOFF or similar is used if the area of stone is large amount of stone elements are quite high. We can arrange for such equipment to be hired and we are competent in the use of such equipment.

Modus Softwashing can also clean stone monuments and headstones with the same process being utilised as on stone building elements.

It may be necessary to carry out some stone cleaning work at height. This can either done off scaffold that is already in-situ or we can arrange for scaffolding to be erected for access or we can work from a mobile elevated platform, either a cherry picker or boom lift. We hold an IPAF accreditation to enable us to work from and operate such platforms.

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We provide stone cleaning services to both residential & commercial customers in Lichfield and Staffordshire.