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What Is Softwashing?

Softwashing is the process of cleaning external hard surfaces to remove organic growth using cleaning solutions applied under low pressure instead of using potentially damaging high pressure or jet washing. It can be used equally on commercial or residential property, the process and theory are exactly the same.

Each surface to be cleaned will be individually assessed to determine the amount and type of biological growth that is present. A personalised batch of cleaning solution will then be created and applied to the surface. This can simply be sprayed on or sometimes a soft bristled brush is used to agitate the solution into the surface which will assist the cleaning process. This will be left to work, killing all biological contaminants. The surface will then be rinsed with clean water if required.

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Types of contamination

Over time every hard surface, especially those that are outside and exposed to the elements can suffer with contamination from biological sources. These can have a negative effect on the appearance of the surface as well as decreasing the life expectancy of the surface.

You have seen it yourself all around you. That once lovely rendered wall has become dark with black streaks running up it. The limestone path and patio are now black. The painted brick wall is green with algae all over it. The stone balustrade around your house is no longer a nice white stone but is now discoloured hiding it’s true beauty.

The type of contamination can vary but could include any one or more of the following…

Black fungus (amongst others), red algae, green algae, moss (many types), lichen (white, yellow and black are common in the United Kingdom) and black spot mould (otherwise known as mildew). There are many other types of organic contamination but the above are the most prevalent in the United Kingdom with our mild, damp and overcast weather.

Which surfaces can be cleaned?

Pretty much every hard external surface can be cleaned using the softwashing method including… rendered walls, brick walls, roofs, natural stone slabs, block paving, timber decking, fences, stone balustrades and other architectural stone-work, tarmac, concrete etc. So long as the surface has some sort of organic growth it can be treated and cleaned using softwashing.

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Advantages over high pressure cleaning

Pressure washing or jet washing is the process of cleaning hard surfaces using water applied under very high pressure and rate of flow. Cleaning a surface using the softwashing method will have the following advantages…

  • All organic spores and growths are killed
  • Less water would be used
  • Results last longer
  • No ‘tiger striping’ of surface
  • Can be more cost effective
  • Less likelihood of surface damage
  • Very little noise or disturbance during cleaning

In a nutshell softwashing is less damaging, causes less disturbance, can be used on more surfaces, results last long and is more cost effective process. That being said there is still a definite place for pressure washing within the industry. The decision must be taken by the operator over the most appropriate method to use and in some cases this will still be pressure washing.

The process

Following you making contact with Modus Softwashing via our online contact form, by sending an email to or by calling 01543 304 549 or 07772 644 066, a site visit will be arranged to you property.

During the visit the extent, type and severity of any organic growth will be assessed with photographs being taken along with any other relevant factors noted that may influence the cleaning process e.g. any vegetation nearby that would have to be covered up and protected.

A personalised quotation will be sent to you detailing what we propose to do to remove the organic growths in question. You will also be notified of approximately how long the process will take, how soon we can carry out the work for you, any specific access requirements we may have and of course how much we would charge.

On the day the technician will carry out a ‘walk around’ to make sure any hazards have been identified and if any protection of vegetation needs to take place. They will also move any items that may be in the way.

The cleaning process will take place using an ecological friendly cleaning solution made especially for the particular job at hand. We tailor make solutions on the day and don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

After cleaning has taken place all items that were originally moved to facilitate cleaning will be returned to their previous positions and surrounding areas rinsed with clean water to finish the job off.

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We provide softwashing services to both residential & commercial customers in Lichfield and throughout Staffordshire.